Who We Are

Bomb City CrossFit was founded in February 2013 as Redemption Fitness.

The community is welcoming, and is one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking maximal health and fitness. Whether you are an ELITE athlete, actively participating in sports, playing with your kids, or simply wanting to be healthier and more mobile.

We promise to provide the highest level of training that will help you achieve your goals.

Eric Montoya


Jesse Lomeli

Head Coach

How It All Works

1Your first step to start is to set up your first Intro Class with Eric or Jesse.

The Intro Class is a one hour session that will help you learn some more about CrossFit and the “why’s” behind the program. After answering any questions you will be taught some basic movements which will then be structured into a beginner level workout that you can complete.

2After your first class, talk to either Head Coach about your goals, training time and whether you feel like this program is right for you. They will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you’re in the correct class and have the best opportunity to succeed.

3Pick a membership option that works for you – we have many different plans available to fit your schedule and training frequency. Unlike other gyms that require a contract to keep their clients, we don’t force contracts on our members – we rely on the excellence of our service to keep you coming back. Check out our Rates page for pricing information.